Mother’s Day 2017 – 26 Course Dinner

Thayn Mothers Day 2017-2

This year’s colors were red and brown

It’s that time of year again! Every year I do a tasting menu for Mother’s Day. Each year I try to top the previous year. This year was no different with several new touches. For one, this was the first year in my new kitchen, which meant a lot more room and use of the pizza oven! I also added some interesting plateware using wood (which you’ll see in some of the courses ahead).

Thayn Mothers Day 2017-9

We had a great non-alcoholic drink menu, including this julep

Each year I have a group of friends who help me in the kitchen: plating, serving, cleaning, and photos. Thanks everyone! This year I formalized this a bit by assigning one friend as the “sommelier” (I don’t serve alcohol at my dinner so these were all virgin). I also had a “guest course” done by one of my friends. Lastly, I hired two kids to wash the dishes all night, which was a huge help and kept everything moving quickly.

Thayn Mothers Day 2017-3

A ton of prep was done to make 26 course run smoothly! Here was the komacha squash, post coal roast

Thayn Mothers Day 2017-5

Homemade bread baked in the wood fired hearth

Now, on to the courses!

Thayn Mothers Day 2017-14

Courses 1-3 were canapés delivered together on a big slab of live edge western maple.

Thayn Mothers Day 2017-17

1st Course – Capicola with Aged Irish Cheddar

House cured capicola with a smoked paprika alioli, toasted homemade sourdough baguette, aged Irish cheddar, and cornichons.


Thayn Mothers Day 2017-18

2nd Course – Eggs and Caviar

This was probably my favorite course of the night! Gently coddled eggs, homemade crème fraiche, toasted brioche, and sturgeon caviar.


Thayn Mothers Day 2017-19

3rd Course – Salmon Caviar

Salmon caviar, dill, crème fraiche, and sourdough toast.


Thayn Mothers Day 2017-11

Thayn Mothers Day 2017-24

4th Course – Grilled Scallops

Fresh, locally sourced pink scallops, roasted in the pizza oven ever so lightly to be semi-crudo, with parmesan, capers, and fresh olive oil.


Thayn Mothers Day 2017-30

5th Course – Sunchoke

Smoky roasted sunchoke with a truffled white bean dip served on a warm brick.


Thayn Mothers Day 2017-34

6th Course – Kale Babka

Babka bread filled with kale, fennel tops, and mustard, served with whipped chevre.


Thayn Mothers Day 2017-36 

7th Course – Oyster Mushroom

Baby flambéed oyster mushroom with chevre on a sourdough toast.


Thayn Mothers Day 2017-38

9th Course – Littleneck Clams

Littleneck clams in a chardonnay chicken broth with prosciutto.


Thayn Mothers Day 2017-41

Thayn Mothers Day 2017-47

9th Course – Blackened Beet

Beets, blackened on a grill, beet greens, and chevre


Thayn Mothers Day 2017-50

10th Course – Spot Prawn

Locally sourced Pacific-Northwest spot prawn with cured lemon, and thyme


Thayn Mothers Day 2017-54

11th Course – Cacio e Pepe

Fresh duck egg angel hair pasta with pepper and parmesan. This simple course was amazing in its simplicity, richness, and bright flavors.


Thayn Mothers Day 2017-58

12th Course – Roasted Root Vegetables with Browned Butter

Roasted parsnips, carrots, turnips, and celeriac root roasted with browned butter.


Thayn Mothers Day 2017-61

Thayn Mothers Day 2017-65

13th Course – Grilled Octopus

Grilled octopus with chimicurri. This octopus came out tender, smoky, and crispy.


Thayn Mothers Day 2017-67

Thayn Mothers Day 2017-69

14th Course – Kombacha Squash

Coal roasted kombacha squash with homemade yogurt, honey, and toasted seeds from the squash itself.


Thayn Mothers Day 2017-70

15th Course – Crab

Dungeness crab, pine nut milk, and pine tips.


Thayn Mothers Day 2017-73

Thayn Mothers Day 2017-74

16th Course – Bento Box

This was a “guest course” prepared by my friend and annual dinner collaborator. This was a tiny bento box with tuna, and aged quail egg.


Thayn Mothers Day 2017-79

17th Course – Grenouille

Frogs legs with a garlic leek soup.


Thayn Mothers Day 2017-81

18th Course – Pork Belly

Roasted pork belly, cashew coconut sauce, snow peas, and broccoli.


Thayn Mothers Day 2017-83

19th Course – Bread and Schmaltz

Rustic whole wheat sourdough bread with a smoky chicken schmaltz and drippings.


Thayn Mothers Day 2017-88

20th Course – Short Rib and Gnocchi

Gnocchi, Fontina fonduta, black truffle, and short ribs.


Thayn Mothers Day 2017-91Thayn Mothers Day 2017-89

21st and 22nd Courses – Petit Fours “Pie”

“Pecan Pie” pate de fruit with pecans, dates, cinnamon, and nutmeg

“Peach Pie” Macaron


Thayn Mothers Day 2017-92

23rd Course – Trio of Gelato

3 Gelatos served on a chilled granite slab.





Thayn Mothers Day 2017-96

24th Course – “Hot Chocolate”

72% dark, single bean chocolate foam with freeze dried raspberry.

I figured the best part of a good hot chocolate is the foam, so why not just have foam.


Thayn Mothers Day 2017-98

My tired dishwashers at the end of the night.

Thayn Mothers Day 2017-102

Thayn Mothers Day 2017-99

25th – Bread Pudding

Brioche coconut bread pudding with sweet cream gelato, guava curd, salted coconut caramel.


Thayn Mothers Day 2017-105

Thayn Mothers Day 2017-100

26th Course – Truffles

To finish off the night I served raspberry dark chocolate truffles on a bed of cocoa nibs.


It was a wonderful night with fun had by all. I was asked several times by different people why I go to all that work for one night. My answer is that it’s a labor of love, where the expense, time, and effort are paid in time and enjoyment with good friends over good food. Until next year!

Thayn Mothers Day 2017-104

Finally sitting down after a very long night!

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